Dedicated to early detection of GI cancers

Our mission is to develop a system that supports endoscopist’s diagnosis for digestive tract including esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

Though our technology has potential for applications in other medical areas, we are dedicated to support endoscopists which has driven us to begin our research. We are committed to create what is truly useful at clinical environment to save patients around the globe.


Endoscopic AI for entire digestive tract

AI software we are now developing uses numerous training data to analyze endoscope images to support endoscopists.
Although, diagnosis will be made by doctors and not by the software, our AI is aiming to become a trustworthy partner in clinical practice.


Join us bringing a historical change

We are a start up company in Japan, challenging to create truly usable products
in the important field of medicine.

Sorry, only Japanese speaking jobs are available now.


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  • 2022 / Apr. 26 OTHER NEWS NEW

    AIメディカルサービスがSoftBank Vision Fund 2をリード投資家とする シリーズCラウンドで日本企業への投資として最大規模の総額80億円を調達

  • 2022 / Jan. 19 OTHER NEWS


  • 2021 / Dec. 24 MEDIA COVERAGE

    2022年1月2日 NHK BS1スペシャル「私たちのデジタル医療革命2022」に出演します


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